Veryhome Ramo Buchon

Size and Material:

  • Silk red rose flowers with vivid green leaves.
  • Plastic long stem, 20 inches length, 2.4 inches rose diameter.
  • 10 pieces per pack, perfect for decorative arrangements (vase not included).

Realistic and Lifelong:

  • Veryhome fake roses with lifelike, full, and soft petals.
  • Natural-looking, won’t fade; ideal for allergy sufferers and pet-friendly homes.
  • Available in various colors for beautiful wedding and home party decorations.

Great for Flower Arrangement:

  • Durable and bendable plastic stem for easy fitting into different vases.
  • DIY decoration with other artificial flowers for a personalized touch.
  • Imparts an elegant radiance to tables, backdrops, vases, and centerpieces.


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