CreoleFeast Fish Fryer Boiler Oyster Steamer Set


    1. Versatile combo design.
    2. Powerful 50,000 BTU burner.
    3. Comprehensive accessory set.
    4. Sturdy steel stand.
    5. Spacious 9.5-liter capacity.
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    CreoleFeast TFS3010 Fish Fryer Boiler Oyster Steamer Set is a versatile and robust outdoor cooking solution designed to elevate your culinary adventures. This comprehensive set includes a 30 Qt. pot and a 10 Qt. A pool, a lid, a perforated fryer steamer basket, a temperature thermometer, a perforated turkey rack, a lifting hook, a marinade injector, a burner stand, and an LP hose and regulator. 

    The combination design of the 30 Qt. The pot allows you to deep-fry or steam turkey and seafood while removing the basket, which enables you to use it for boiling soups, stews, and jambalaya. The 10 Qt. Pot is perfect for frying fish, chicken wings, French fries, and other small items, although it’s not suited for heavy turkeys. 

    With a high output of 50,000 BTU, the cast iron burner ensures powerful performance for frying. And the adjustable air control panel with a resistant mesh allows you to control gas consumption for a clean blue flame.

    The CreoleFeast TFS3010 Fish Fryer Boiler Oyster Steamer Set is your go-to outdoor cooking companion. It’s offering a wide range of cooking options and reliable performance to make your outdoor culinary adventures a resounding success.

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    Product Dimensions

    12.99"D x 12.99"W x 29.92"H

    Item Weight

    22.3 Pounds

    Oil Capacity

    9.5 Liters


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