BUYDEEM Electric Food Oyster Steamer for Cooking


    • Versatile 5 SMART PROGRAMS
    • Lightning-fast steam production in 1 minute
    • Pre-programmed booking for mealtime convenience
    • Dual protection with automatic water level checks
    • Compact and lightweight design for space-saving elegance
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    BUYDEEM Electric Food Oyster Steamer is not just a steamer; it’s your ultimate kitchen companion. With its 5 SMART PROGRAMS, it effortlessly transforms into a steamer, stew pot, yogurt machine, sterilizer, thawing machine, and even a baby food supplement maker, all at the touch of a button. The convenience of preparing various dishes without the hassle is now at your fingertips.

    Experience a culinary revolution with the G563’s lightning-fast steam production. In just one minute, it unleashes a cloud of steam, ensuring that your food retains its nutrition and freshness while cooking swiftly. The pre-programmed booking feature allows you to schedule your meals according to your preference, ensuring you have a hot, freshly prepared dish right when you want it. No more waiting – it’s cooking on your terms.

    Worry less, and cook more. The G563 is equipped with dual protection features. When the water level runs low, the cooker will intelligently pause, prompting you to add water and prevent mishaps. Enjoy your meal without worrying about safety.

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    Cozy Greenish


    Stainless Steel, Glass, Plastic



    Product Dimensions

    13.18"L x 11.22"W x 11.45"H

    Item Weight

    15.2 Pounds


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